The Philips Visapads are dedicated to counter an aging effect with a global occurrence in the face. Due to several effects of aging of the facial skin, volume in the face starts redistributing causing an irregular and unpronounced facial contour.

As the aging process goes on, volume in the face shifts adding to a more aged appearance. The shifting of volume is caused by the reduction of soft tissue in the skin in combination with the redistribution of the facial fat. This is specifically apparent around the contour of the face.

A youthful jawline has a straight and even character. Due to the aging, irregularities develop along the contours of the face. The unevenness and irregularities along the facial contour have a big impact on the aesthetic youthfulness of the individual. By countering and/or reversing the large scale facial aging phenomenon of the development of an irregular facial contour, an aesthetic youthfulness can be realized and/or maintained in an age appropriate manner.

Two Phenomena are targeted that contribute to an uneven facial contour. Undesirable fat deposits due to redistribution of facial fat are targeted with cryolysis and the diminishing quality of the structural matrix of the skin due to the dropping production of collagen and elastin is targeted with a radio frequency heat treatment.