Toy Museum

“Kinderwereld” is a small-scale museum located in Roden, The Netherlands. It is a museum with a focus on historic toys and the world of children. The collection ranges from the late 18th century to the beginning of the “plastic age”, shortly after the Second World War.

This project was aimed at providing a solution for the declining visitor numbers of the toy museum “Kinderwereld” due to the dated museum setup. An updated overall setup of the museum should be a better match to the expectations and demands of the modern museum audience.

The result of this project was an overal concept for the museum structure, including museum layout, collection categorization, storyline, aesthetics and recommendations for an extended business setup.

A more detailed concept and prototype were developed for one category of the updated museum structure to provide a more detailed insight into the updated museum concept and the interaction possibilities. It is a building game which takes place on an interactive surface. Events can be triggered by building structures on the interactive surface. These events are animated via projection mapping.