The NEP2N is an information hub developed for sailing coaches of the laser division. These small sailing boats are equipped with a basic set of sensors to monitor local variables such as wind speed, direction and different variables of the boat. The information of these sensors was not readily available for the athlete or the coach and could only be analyzed after the training on shore.

The aim of the NEP2N system was to provide ‘real time’ insight into local sailing conditions and the performance of the athlete. This enables coaches to give more detailed and informed instructions during training which can be executed by the athletes immediately. This results in more efficient use of training hours and a better insight in athlete performance.

The NEP2N system ads a small transmitter to the sensor module on the sailing boat to transmit the sensor data to the NEP2N Hub. The NEP2N Hub is situated on the coach boat and can connects wirelessly via a local network to multiple sailing boats. The information from the NEP2N Hub can be accessed by any wifi capable device with a web browser such as tablets or mobile phones.