Armadillo Fender Seat

“There when you need it, gone when you don’t”

Fixed gear, Singlespeed and other bicycle enthousiast often put the emphasis on performance and aesthetics when piecing together their bicycle. Often concessions are made with regards to functionality through the omission of functional parts to benefit the overall aesthetics quality of the bicycle. Especially in wetter climates, such as in The Netherlands, the lack of mudguards can cause problems. Due to the lack of mudguards the bicycles are often left unused in wet road and weather conditions.

The Armadillo Fender Seat provides the functionality of a fixed mudguard without making a permanent impact on the appearance and character of the bicycle. The Armadillo provides protection against water and dirt thrown up from the rear wheel due to its extendable fender. When the fender is no longer needed it can be retracted back into the seat shell ready for later use.